Prices and Sales Policy



Instrument prices (as of 1 September 2022) are:

Violin : A$19,800
Viola : A$19,800

NOTE: Adele currently has no cellos available, and is taking a break before starting her next one.


Commissioned instruments require a deposit of 25%, with the balance payable on completion. You are encouraged to be involved in all stages of the making process, from choosing the model and the wood to deciding on the varnish colour and fittings. You are under no obligation to purchase the finished instrument, and if you do not choose to do so then your deposit will be refunded in full when the instrument has been subsequently sold.

Another alternative is to contact Adele with an expression of interest. When she finishes an uncommissioned instrument she will let you know, and you will be given an opportunity to take the instrument out on trial with an option to purchase it.

Instrument trials:

Instruments can be taken on loan for one week so that you can try them out in familiar surroundings and seek advice from others about the sound quality and projection. Extensions to this one week trial period may be available by arrangement.

Purchase arrangements:

Payment is required in full before you will be able to take final possession of the instrument. The instrument can be reserved for you with a suitable deposit, and you can make payments over time, but you will need to complete payment before you will be able to take the instrument. Unfortunately it is not possible to offer any other form of time-payments.

First Year Service:

A new instrument changes more in the first year than at any other time in its life. As it is played it will become more responsive and the sound will fill out and increase in power. It will also begin to adapt itself to conform to the demands of your particular playing style. In this period the plates of the instrument usually "give" slightly and it may be necessary to fit a new (usually longer) soundpost to maintain the quality of sound. Also the angle of the neck (the elevation) can change slightly as it reacts to a different climate and some bridge adjustments (or even a new bridge) may also be required.

In the first year it is very important to have the instrument serviced regularly so that the appropriate adjustments can be made.